App Maintainers
maintain & develop

We look after your existing Ruby on Rails based app or build a new one for you

What we do differently

Hi, I am Attila (CTO), let me introduce our company!

  • We are a small team of experts

    We have been working with a handful of people for seven years. This means we have low churn rate and stable knowledge base in our team.

  • We worked on more than 50 projects

    While we maintained old and big Ruby on Rails apps, we still created new green field projects for our clients, including TV commercial websites, startups and so on.

  • We help you to extinguish the fire in case of emergency

    We are used to solve hard problems. We are practical and we try to help our clients in hard situations.

  • We do maintenance what others don’t

    We realised early on that we enjoy playing software archeology. It is great to find a gem in an existing system and make it work again.

  • We do development, even on handled over projects

    We are often asked to hand over a project and then to build something new on top of the existing. This is not an easy task, but very rewarding.

  • We do research for you if any details of your product is lost or a business logic is unknown

    We spent countless hours figuring out old workflows, data validation logics and configurations. We can research and then communicate it.

  • We accommodate to your business needs and hold your back

    We adjust to our client changing needs quickly. This is one of our goal to scale with our partners.

What does this technically mean?

We do full stack web, mobile web and API development using Ruby on Rails. We do work with UI too even using React. However we are not a mobile developer team, nor a single page javascript application team. But don’t worry, we can jump into whatever role your business need require.

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